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Hi, I’m Grace Chen. 


I’m an international awarded photographer based in the Los Angeles area. I mainly shoot two colleciton: weddings and family, while also covering events, portraits, graduations etc. Welcome to my photography world! 

I enjoy capturing fleeting emotions, documenting moments that cannot be replicated. I have a fondness for light, a passion for dynamism, and an appreciation for emotion. I hope that, long into the future, when people looks back at my works, they can still vividly feel the impact the images convey—where joy, anger, sorrow, and laughter all remain incredibly vibrant memories.

gc-selfie-6 copy.jpg

I don't spend much time fixing facial imperfections or excessively retouching bodies.  Instead, I focus on guiding people to express genuine emotions and capturing intimate relationships and affection between them.

As a photographer blending lifestyle and documentary styles, I consider capturing vivid, irreplaceable moments to be paramount. Rather than pursuing "standard beauty," I prefer to capture lively, unique moments, fleeting emotions, and the often overlooked love hidden in ordinary moments.

Years later, you may not remember all these little moments shared with your loved ones. But I hope that when you revisit these photos, those forgotten memories will come alive once more. When you see these images and they bring a smile to your face, evoking thoughts like "Oh, that's when we..."


- That's the essence of what I'm striving for.

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